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    BJB Capital Must Be Reinforced


    BANDUNG-As the largest Regional Development Bank (BPD), the development of bjb bank will certainly further improve the performance of the West Java Provincial Government. For that the bank's capital must be strengthened.

    The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan said to strengthen the capital of city government and regency government of West Java should be ready to add capital to bjb.

    "I think there are several options to develop bjb bank, including the addition of capital city and district governments," said Aher.

    He also said the bjb bank can increase capital through the sale of shares or 'right issues'. As a banking company listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), of course bjb bank can perform 'right issues'.

    "Right issues are an easier option than the additional capital injection of municipal and district governments because of the rules," he added.

    Bjb bank can re-release its shares larger. From the previous only 20%, it can be 30 to 40%.

    "We see, which one is better, whether the addition of capital city and district governments or 'right issues'," he said. Jo

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