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    Indocement CSR Fosters Cilengkrang Coffee Farmer


    BANDUNG REGENCY-Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) PT.Indocement is embracing coffee farmers and entrepreneurs in subdistrict of Cilengkrang for increased commodities and business.

    Regent Bandung H.Dadang M.Naser revealed, the CSR will be used to maximize the Arabica Coffee harvest in Bukit Palasari.

    "The results of Cilengkrang farmers' coffee from KTH (Kelompok Tani Hutan/ Forest Farmer Group) of Giri Senang, Giri Mekar Village Cilengkrang Subdistrict will be distributed nicely through this CSR, said the Regent during Panen Raya Kopi Arabika at Bukit Palasari, Cilengkrang Subdistrict, Thursday (18/5).

    In detail He explained, PT.Indocement CSR program is of course will prosper farmers also Cilengkrang coffee farmers, namely making Paving block coffee cafe area, canopy of mild steel in the cafe area and canopy in multipurpose building.

    "In addition, there will also be repairs to stripping areas, coffee laundering and multipurpose rooms," he said.

    Regent confirmed that the running of CSR program of the company, is a form of good collaboration between the Government and private companies for the welfare of the people, especially coffee farmers in Cilengkrang.

    "I highly appreciate the collaboration of this perfect triangle, government, entrepreneurs and communities, namely Agriculture, KTH, Perhutani, Association of People for Forests Concern (AMPUH), Legok Nyenang Village KWT (Kelompok wanita Tani/ Woman Farmer Group), Community Leaders and proactive parties In improving people's welfare, "he concluded.

    On that occasion, Regent also hopes other companies can contribute in supporting development in Bandung Regency through CSR.

    While the Manager of PT.Indocement Sahat Panggabean said that he side highly upholds the implementation of business sustainability priority by looking at environmental aspects, addressing social and economic issues, such as support for the development of Cilengkrang coffee.

    "This coffee commodity in Cilengkrang is the best, besides its famous greenbeen to France, there is nothing wrong with developing our economy through digital marketing technical guide, for global marketing" he said.

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