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    Transfer of Duties Improve Performance


    BANDUNG - Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Erwin Rijanto said the transfer of duties of the Leadership of Bank Indonesia Representative Office is a process of refresher and regeneration of sustainable leadership, as an effort to maintain and encourage the performance and motivation of BI organization.

    "The succession of leadership gave birth to the continuity of functions, duties, roles and responsibilities of BI in improving the performance of the regional economy and strengthening the resilience of the national economy," he said.

    According to Erwin, Indonesia has succeeded in opening a new phase as an investment grade country, following the upgrade of rating by S & P to BBB, along with the highly positive assessment of Article IV and FSAP assessments, further affirms the international recognition of Indonesia's success in Maintaining macroeconomic stability and financial system.

    "BI is considered to have successfully formulated effective policies in support of sustainable government policies and balanced economic growth," said Erwin, in his speech at the event West Java Bank Indonesia Representative Office certificate in Bale Pasundan West Java Representative Office, Senen (22/05)

    Erwin states, amid the dynamics of the economy and the global financial system, Indonesia managed to deal with various uncertainties and challenges that are not light, both coming from external and domestic.

    "From the external side, a number of risks are still emerging in relation to the dynamics of US government policy, namely the increase in Fed Fund Rate (FFR). In the domestic front, we are still faced with potential inflation risks following the planned increase in administered prices, the potential increase in credit risk after the end of policy stimulus and consolidation Domestic ones, "he said. (Parno)

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