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    Aher: One Promise Has Not Been Filled


    BANDUNG-One campaign promise of the couple Ahmad Heryawan Deddy Mizwar during the Governor Election 2013 campaign is the provision of unprofitable community housing. The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, acknowledged that it happened because of some obstacles, such as about the prohibition of giving grants to individuals.

    "Yes, the obstacle is the prohibition of grant funds to individuals, but must be legal entities but now it is allowed again, but unfortunately our term of office is coming to an end," said Aher, after presenting the ceremony of National Awakening Day 2017 at Gedung Sate, Monday (22/5).

    According to him, the provision of housing for poor citizens is the assistance of the Province to individuals who at the time development was prohibited by the Minister of Home Affairs regulation.

    "At that time we did not find a way out to keep running the program, but alhamdulillah is now allowed, so we will try to realize the program, even at the end of our tenure," he explained.

    Even if not accomplished in the remaining tenure, Aher hopes his successor will be able to realize it.

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