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    No People Are Worn From Development Car


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government held 109th Anniversary of National Awakening Day (Harkitnas) in 2017 at Gedung Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Monday morning (22/5/17). National Awakening Day this year is interpreted as a momentum to achieve revival in development aspect, in accordance with Theme: "Equitable Development of Justice Indonesia as a Form of National Awakening".

    After the ceremony, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) views the distribution of a development, both infrastructure and Human Resources must be felt by all levels of society.

    "The spirit of National Awakening touched by the Minister (Communications and Informatics Office) in his speech is that we must rise up become a developed and prosperous country. Our goal is not one of our society is scattered from the car of the resurrection, "said Aher after becoming a Trustee Ceremony and read the speech Minister of Communications and Informatics (Menkominfo) RI Rudiantara.

    "When its carriage to the resurrection everything must be carried away. It is also highlighted that progress is not to bring gaps. If there is a gap of course to be resolved and not too gleeful. That's our national problem, "he continued.

    Ancient times built the National Awakening to confront colonization and struggle to gain independence. According to Aher, the current resurrection narrative is to bring freedom by creating prosperous, just and prosperous society.
    Furthermore, Aher also stressed that National Awakening Day momentum is a means for young Indonesians. Young people must have a spirit of participation and increase the sense of national unity.

    "On this day also the car of the young people must play a role to raise the spirit of awakening in order to achieve the progress of the country, the welfare of the country, as we all aspire. At the same time it awakens the spirit to remain united, "Aher said.

    In the context of West Java, unity are fitrah. Diversity in West Java becomes an integral part. The tolerance of interfaith, race, ethnic or ethnic groups is another beauty emanating from Earth Parahyangan.

    "Many people believe that diversity is just a fact of life that we must respect, in our contemporary, West Java is not just a fact of life. Diversity is the nature of life, because it is God Almighty, Allah Almighty creates the difference by His omnipotence to respect each other, "Aher said.


    The government continues to improve the development equity in all sectors. As in the electricity sector, the development of electricity has been done in 2,500 villages that have not received electricity. At the same time, the policy of equity is done through electricity subsidies that are focused on the middle to lower society, so that the relocation of electricity subsidy for 2016 of Rp 12 trillion will be transferred to support the health, education and infrastructure sectors.

    Particularly in West Java, Aher explained that electrification in West Java is increasing. Even now it has reached 97.7%. The rest is expected to be resolved quickly in 2018. While the national target of electrification figures averaged 85%.

    "West Java in the context of electrification all villages have received electrification. Even the percentage of households also increased. In the year 2008 is still 65 percent now already at 97.7 percent, the highest after Jakarta, "said Aher.

    "Now to trace the 1.3 percent number of approximately 600 thousand households, it's hard where these numbers come up. Because when requesting a report from the village, village there are no reports as well. Most in a village there is one or two (household). there is no another area that is then dark, "he added.

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