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    West Java Provincial Government Held National Awakening Day Commemoration 2017


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government held 109th National Awakening Day Commemoration Ceremony, Monday (22/5) at Gedung Sate Bandung. Acting as a ceremonial inspector, namely, Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    Elements of the ceremony participants consisted of: the leaders of regional devices organization and representatives West Java Regional Communication Forum and High School level students, scout elements, youth organizations and elements of West Java provincial government civil apparatus.

    The ceremony begins with raising the red and white flag by Bandung City flag raising troops, then reading Pancasila script and the 1945 Constitution. On the occasion of the ceremony, the Governor delivered a written speech of Communications and Informatics Minister.

    One of the Communications and Informatics Minister speeches read by the governor, is, about the emergence of a new dimension of social-cultural landscape of all mankind. These are summarized in the word "digitization".

    "A further century since the Boedi Oetomo organization was conceived, it has brought about a whole new dimension in the social and cultural landscape of all humanity, and a great change has occurred, which if we may summarize in one word, presumably" digitizing, "is the right word, Communications and Informatics Minister said.

    The most noticeable digitization bliss is almost happening in every sector, namely the timing of licensing. The permissions process that lasts hundreds of days to infinity, is drastically cut to six times faster than the original time. Licensing in the electricity sector, for example, from 923 days, to 256 days, agricultural permits from 751 to 172 days, industrial licensing from 672 days to 152 days, tourism area permits from 661 days to 188 days, land permits from 123 days to 90 days, Forestry from 111 days to 47 days. Transport permit from 30 days to 5 days, telecommunication license from 60 days to 14 days. This licensing time cut is accomplished thanks to digital technology, explained Communications and Informatics Minister.

    With digital innovation, we may be faced with new surprises and procedures in the creative set. Partially reinforcing, but not least that threatens our bonds in the nation. One thing is for sure, we must take sides to put the nation in the middle of the onslaught of opponents that could become more invisible. "By then we should not leave the orientation to continue to realize the equitable development of social justice," Communications and Informatics Minister said.

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