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    West Java Provincial Government Committed to Observe Hafidz Quran Education


    BEKASI REGENCY-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) attended Graduation ceremony of the santri or Hafizh and Hafizhah Al-Quran 30 Juz at Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) Daarul Fikri Yayasan Qobasat Annur, Warung Bambu Village RT 01 RW 09 Telagamurai, West Cikarang , Bekasi Regency, Sunday (21/5/17). There are as many as 344 students who graduated and 93 santri of them memorized 30 Juz Al-Quran.

    In his speech, Demiz on behalf of West Java Provincial Government and personally convey his happy. He is proud to witness the Islamic young generation of West Java can be close to Al-Quran, as a form of true love to Allah SWT and His Apostle.

    For that, on this occasion Demiz also expressed the commitment of West Java Provincial Government to continue to pay attention to the continuation of formal education of the Hafizh Quran to a higher level. This assistance will be provided either through scholarships or other educational assistance programs.

    "Insha Allah, West Java Provincial Government will also try to pay attention to the continuation of formal education of Hafiz Quran from West Java higher education level, either through scholarship program or other educational aid, as part of the development of excellent human resources in West Java," Says Demiz.

    "So we have prepared educational assistance for the Hafiz 30 Juz Al-Quran both in high school and college level later. After this, the Foundation can communicate with Education Office in order to be realized properly, "he added.

    Demiz also invites relevant stakeholders to jointly support the printing program of the Hafiz and Hafizhah. According to Demiz it is important, because they are the guardian of purity and authenticity of the Qur'an, the last holy book Allah revealed as the perfecting of the previously revealed scriptures.

    In the academic year 1437-1438 H / 2016-2017 M, Daarul Fikri Islamic Boarding School graduated as many as 344 graduates. They are from kindergarten, MI, SDIT, SMPIT, SMA, Mualimin, and Mualimat (santri who specialize in studying Al-Quran in Pesantren). Not only from West Java, these graduates come from Papua, Lombok, other provinces in Java Island, and various other regions in Indonesia.

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