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    Regional Secretary Asks PLN to Use Local Power for Power Plant Project


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government encourages three power plant projects whose construction process is about to recruit local workforce when it operates.

    West Java Regional Secretary, Iwa Karniwa, said the three projects are Indramayu electric steam power plant, Unit 2 Cirebon electric steam power plant, and Cisokan upper hydroelectric power plant, West Bandung. This request was submitted to the GM Distribution PLN West Java and Banten. "PLN reported the development of the power plant project," he was contacted on Sunday (21/5).

    Given the three existing projects that have been running, it emphasizes that PLN began to give space to the local workforce. PLN, he said, was asked to immediately prepare criteria and what classification should be met by local human resources. "With the right classification, then the local government can prepare from now, because the operation time is 3 years away," he said.

    Iwa pointed out the readiness of local human resources most likely exist in Indramayu electric steam power plant project. It plans to encourage the Regent Indramayu submitted an official letter to the West Java provincial government which will then be forwarded to the PLN directors. "So we will ask for any information on the workforce whose labor can be recruited from Indramayu," he said.

    If PLN provides an opportunity, then Indramayu Regency will push within the next 3 years of preparation of human resource education. The same pattern can be done in unit 2 Cirebon electric steam power plant and Upper Cisokan. "Especially Cirebon, because it is private, then the pattern of classification may be the same, Cirebon people must also be considered," he said

    Indramayu electric steam power plant itself is currently processing the preparation of land acquisition assisted by the Provincial Government in spatial planning and land acquisition administration. "This power plant juts into the sea, the same construction with Cirebon jutting into the sea and using environmentally friendly coal," he said.

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