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    West Java Police Chief: Preparing for Ramadan, Civil Society Organizations are not Allowed to Sweep


    BANDUNG-West Java Police Chief Inspector General Anton Charliyan confirmed before the holy month of Ramadan that will be on this week, Community Organization (CSO) is prohibited sweeping action.

    "Clearly every mass organization is prohibited to perform actions that are not in accordance with its function. Sweeping function is a form of law enforcement of conditional actions, "he told reporters in Bandung, Sunday (15/4/2017)

    Anton believes that people can only exercise social control. So it must be adjusted with the provisions of the law that has been set.

    "Yes just adjust the task. Suppose that law enforcement and community policemen control their social functions. If we are based on their respective functions, then Insha Allah, the month of Ramadan will run harmonious and safe, "he explained.

    West Java Police will also crack down on organizations that perform sweeping action either in nightspots or other places that are the task of law enforcement.

    "If there are CSOs that take action outside the law then West Java Police will act firmly," he concluded. (MAT

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