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    Aher Called, SIPOLIN Provides Convenience to Taxpayers


    BANDUNG-Online Tax Information System (SIPOLIN) provides convenience for taxpayers. The reason is, with the application using mobile phone and the existence of internet access, people no longer need to queue to pay taxes.

    "People can now pay taxes anytime and anywhere. While lying down, eat, play the internet. we do not have to queue as an old time, "said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) in front of the media crew, after inaugurating SIPOLIN in the area of CFD Dago Street Bandung, Sunday (21/05/2017)

    According to him, about 14 million motor vehicle taxpayers are in the area of West Java. 4 million of them have not done taxpayers due to various reasons both demographic aspects in the remote part of the village and the human aspect of forgetting to pay taxes.

    "Of course the public there is no excuse anymore for not paying taxes. If yesterday may be in remote area, there is also forget. But of course for tax-abiding people who defend the country aware of the country's development would be pay taxes, "he explained.

    Aher asserted for the taxpayers too, would be subject to enforceable sanctions law. For example vehicle disabling.

    "Later there is law enforcement also if not pay taxes, then clearly community becomes very practical no need to go everywhere not even need to go to the ATM even if yesterday still have to go there. What we need to note is this thing is the first time done in Indonesia conducted in West Java Province, "he said.

    In the same place, West Java Police Chief, Inspector General (Pol) Anton Charliyan explained regarding to law enforcement for delinquent taxes of motor vehicles that have been in deliberate five years in arrears, then it can not be registered again.

    "Yes, we are disable the vehicle if it is five years do not pay motor vehicle tax. The point here is that service is as easy as possible to the public can even be repaid as well, it's amazing, "he said

    Anton hopes that SIPOLIN can make easier for people to pay taxes anywhere and anytime. Even this SIPOLIN application can inspire other provinces to do the same.

    "Hopefully with this SIPOLIN all the people can pay taxes and can be imitated by other provinces," he concluded. (MAT)

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