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    Governor Inaugurated How Online Tax Payment (SIPOLIN)


    BANDUNG-Governor Ahmad Heryawan with West Java Police Chief Anton Charlian, and Chairwoman of Parliament Ineu Purwa Dewi inaugurated the operation of online tax information system (SIPOLIN), Sunday (21/5) at Car Area Free Day Dago Bandung. The inauguration was marked by the key presses together between the Governor, West Java Police Chief and Chairwoman of West Java Parliament.

    The Governor in his speech reiterated that the tax collected through the payment of motor vehicle tax is for the benefit of the society itself, that is for the construction of road infrastructure, bridges, school buildings and then for the benefit of health development in West Java.

    "Therefore, it is appealed to the public to pay taxes on time, especially now there is an online tax information system that allows taxpayers to pay their obligations", said the Governor.

    Online Tax Information System is a motor vehicle tax payment procedure using online-based applications and for the receiving bank payment transactions, ie, bank bjb. It is said later will be developed to other banks.

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