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    Sandiaga Uno Supports Bogor Becomes the City of Runner


    BOGOR CITY-At 06.00 WIB Elected Vice Governor of DKI Jakarta Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno was already in Bogor City Hall Plaza. (05/20/2017), this Saturday morning Sandi was deliberately come to the city of Bogor following Saturday Morning Run with Bogor Mayor Bima Arya.

    He wore a black T-shirt with a Bogor Runner, a short black trousers and an interesting running shoe that he wore was a Sandiuno OK Oce shoe.

    "While testing OK Oce shoes that are not used for running," he said while pointing at the black shoes.

    Before running Sandiaga with Bima and Bogor Runner Community warm up in about five minutes. After that they immediately ran in Pedestrian Botanical Garden of Bogor to the direction of One Direction System (SSA). Run continues to Sempur Park and back to City Hall.

    "Pedestrian is amazing, here the pedestrians are respected. Bogor City is really a city of runner because runner is given a special track to run, the weather is really okay and if there are invited again from pak guardian can often to Bogor," he Said.

    He said, the future of cooperation between the city of Bogor and DKI Jakarta hopefully could be better again. He Had also talked about the upgrading of cooperation in 2018. Starting from the manufacture of retention ponds in Ciliwung, road construction and bus procurement. Because it turns out there are 300 thousand citizens of Jakarta who every weekend come to Bogor and make Bogor become stuck.

    "Other programs that we can work on will work together," he said.

    Meanwhile, Bogor Mayor Bima Arya added, in the future he will learn the concept of OK OCE for SMEs by absorbing the idea of Sandiaga which may also be applied in the city of Bogor. The reason, he was happy to get Sandiuno OK Oce shoes.

    "At the time when cooling down I wear (shoes, red), coincidence the size of the foot, very comfortable and light shoes when worn, okay really," said Bima. (Fla / senses) SZ

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