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    Food Tasks Force Will Break the Chain of Naughty Distributor


    BANDUNG-Food Task Force (Satgas) will break the chain of naughty distributors who led to soaring commodities ahead of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

    West Java Bureau Chief of Police Brig. Gen. Bambang Purwanto said from the level of the Police Headquarters to the level of regional police has food task force (Satgas) consisting of two namely the preventive taskforce and repressive taskforce.

    "We will break the naughty distributor chain like the existing cooking oil, so there is a prolonged distribution of means from the collecting party to the retailer there is still a series of long distribution, " he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (20/05/2017)

    Bambang said so far his side has not found a naughty collector. However, the Food task force should not be negligent in the face of rising prices ahead of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

    "Well, if we look at the conditions that are still normal conditions, we should not be careless, but the distributors who pile up the goods we will follow and investigated where the goods, especially garlic, including red chili," he said.

    Anticipating price increases, food task forces will coordinate in a preventive manner with the relevant agencies.

    "For that, we will coordinate with West Java Trade and Industry that the food task force preventively has started to work to avoid price increases," he explained.

    Bambang added that every police in 24 cities/ regencies will always be downgraded to the market to provide the latest pricing information in each of the community's basic needs.

    "If the price of rice in West Java there is no problem, while for sugar, cooking oil, we will find where the naughty collectors," he said

    According to him, for people who feel harmed need complaints service of West Java police through each Regional Police.

    "Including the West Java Police community can submit here specifically for the price of basic materials before the fasting and Eid," he explained

    Meanwhile, Director General of Animal Husbandry & Animal Health Ministry of Agriculture, I Ketut Diarmita said as it is known together that the price of meat is as expected means that there is no significant increase.

    "The price of beef is in accordance with their expectations," he said.

    He said the beef traders also expect the price of beef does not rise. Because the price increase depends on the supply from the fedloater. (MAT)

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