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    Government Targets Garlic Price Rp25 thousand / kg


    BANDUNG-Director General of Domestic Trade Tjahya Widayanti said the government is targeting garlic prices in the holy month of Ramadan to Rp25 thousand / kg.

    Widayanti assess the price of garlic is still experiencing an increase and the price is still quite high.

    "From the data we have, it is only garlic that has increased and the fact is like that and garlic's price is the highest," he said in front of the media crew after observe Cihaur Geulis market Bandung, Saturday (20/05/2017)

    We have a meeting by gathering all importers not to stock their goods to be distributed in the markets, "

    Widayanti said that she has reviewed several markets, one of them is Cihaurgeulis market, garlic price is still Rp45 thousand to Rp55 thousand / kg.

    "So indeed from the distributor is already around Rp53 thousand / kg Well, we'll find the distributor until traced the importer," he said.

    According to him, the price of garlic in China has decreased around 700 USD per ton or Rp15 thousand to Rp25 thousand / kg.

    "So there is no reason they are raising the price or the price is still high, it should be the price of garlic has dropped around Rp35 thousand / kg," he explained.

    Widayanti added next week her side will again monitor the price of garlic.

    "So amongst the main ingredients the price of garlic is still worrying," he said.

    Meanwhile, with regard to the need for beef prices. Chairman of KPPU Syarkawi said the supply of beef from fedloater to slaughterhouse (RPH) Ciroyom Bandung fairly smooth even cut every day around 105 tails.

    It is estimated that the H-1 before Ramadan increases 4 times to about 420. While H-2 Eid is predicted the number rose six-fold or 650 tails.

    "According to the information that we get from RPH, all the needs of beef ahead of Ramadhan and Idul Fitri are quite safe so that in the future there is no need to increase the price for fresh beef, especially because frozen beef because the supply is very much," he explained

    Syarkawi added, for the price of chicken meat is still relatively normal around Rp32 thousand / kg to Rp36 thousand / kg.

    "If the price of chicken meat is still normal around Rp32 thousand to Rp36 thousand / kg," he concluded. (MAT

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