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    Keep Supply, Government Imports 173,448 Ton of Beef


    BANDUNG-Director General of Foreign Trade Ministry of Trade Oke Nurwan said from the letter of approval of beef import that we have issued until May 16, 2017. The government has imported beef up to 173,448 tons to maintain the supply of beef in Indonesia.

    "Approximately 173,448 tons of beef have been entered and still flowing to Indonesia, while for cattle that have been issued 435 thousand tons that have been realized 175 thousand and ready to cut," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (19/05/2017)

    Oke said for cattle breeding amounted to 25 thousand heads that will enter and will be distributed to 45 companies.

    "There is even a buffalo going to approximately 2,900," he said.

    As for the meat price, Oke mention based on the observation of today the price of beef is under control around Rp114 thousand / kg, frozen beef Rp80 thousand / kg.

    "While frozen buffalo meat rose about Rp71 / kg to Rp79 thousand / kg." He added.

    "In principle the price is quite controlled and the supply is ready to start before Ramadhan to Idul Fitri later," he added.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Supervisory Commission on Business Competition (KPPU) Syarkawi Rauf explained the national supply of beef and buffalo meat for the needs of May-June 2017, especially during Ramadan and Idul Fitri, enough to meet the needs of the community.

    "Therefore, a situation like this should not happen a price spike during the upcoming Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr," he said.

    In the event of a price increase allegedly carried out by a handful of unscrupulous distributors and retailers, it does not hesitate to give strict sanctions either in the form of fines or revocation of business permits and even criminal sanctions.

    "If it turns out in the future or in the weeks to come there is a disruption in terms of price and supply is presumably there is a certain group either distributor or retailer or even in this fedloater itself we will monitor them," he said.

    "If there is strong evidence that they intentionally hold the beef cattle at the Slaughter House (RPH) from the competition side as well as the Trade Act can be included in the context of the violation category which may be subject to business competition sanctions in the fines, To criminal sanctions, "he concluded. (MAT)

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