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    Co Working in Indonesia Gathered in Bandung


    BANDUNG-Around 100s of business actors Coworking space all over Indonesia gathered in Bandung for 3 days, Friday-Sunday, 19-21 May 2017, in Temu Coworking 2017. Indonesian Coworking Association President Faye Alund said the meeting was held for the first time After the formation of coworking associations.

    "Yes it is for the first time held after the formation of Indonesian coworking association, and Bandung we choose because the atmosphere is supportive for this kind of meeting," said Faye.

    According to Faye, the Gathering of Coworking will be discussed on the hottest issues in the relatively new business world in Indonesia.

    "Some important issues in the business world include the legality, the market and the introduction of business world coworking spacenya own.Because so far there are still many people who do not know what it is coworking space," he explained.

    Coworking Space itself in Indonesia has only grown since the last 4 years. This effort essentially provides space for start-ups working and networking with other start-ups in similar fields. From the meeting it is expected to be established cooperation for the development of their respective businesses. (Even)

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