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    PT KAI Make sure the Bekasi Line is Normal


    BANDUNG-Vice President Corporate Communications of PT Kereta Api Indonesia, Agus Komarudin ensures no cancellation of train departure due to the burning of Klender Station in East Jakarta. Until now, the path of Bekasi was already running normally again.

    Agus revealed it has been socialized to the passengers that the station Klender currently can not serve passengers.

    "At the time of the incident was a lot of passengers, I think passengers hopefully understand the incident," he told reporters in Bandung, Friday (19/05/2017).

    Agus admitted at the time of the burning of Klender Station did happen accumulation of passengers. It urged them to use other transportation alternatives because the train delay could be more than one hour.

    "When the incident burned Klender Station at 7:15 pm while many passengers then at 07:20 pm already started to appear big fire, so we urge passengers to look for other alternatives because it can not serve here, this could be more than an hour of delay," he explained

    For passengers who already bought KAI tickets already refund tickets.

    "Actually passengers do not panic, we give them an explanation understand so they find another alternative to go to the office," he said.

    Agus added up to now can not ensure the amount of losses due to the incident. However, PT KAI will continue to provide the best service for railroad users.

    "Currently we can not calculate the loss, we are just thinking about how the next service for Klender Station," he concluded. (MAT)

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