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    JTX 2017, West Java Tourism Promotion


    BANDUNG-19th West Java Travel Exchange (JTX) was held back this year. Annual agenda was held 17 to 19 May 2017. In the world of tourism business, JTX should be taken into existence account. The activity which is also a place for the promotion of this tourism, is a gathering event for the buyers of foreign tour operators with local tourism service providers, which is very useful to increase the visits of foreign and domestic tourists, especially to West Java.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that the West Java Provincial Government continues to fix themselves to continue to improve the potential, both in terms of service, to various facilitation in the field of tourism. Because basically West Java has been given the Grace by Allah SWT tourism potential such as the extraordinary natural beauty, both mountains, plantations, oceans, beaches, etc., to the beauty and diversity of cultural arts.

    "As the dance is shown earlier, not just one, we (West Java) have hundreds of dance types in West Java, do not worry if you want to watch other performances, in the land around West Java," said Aher at the Welcome Dinner at Aryaduta Hotel Bandung , Wednesday (17/05/2017).

    Aher said related performing arts, West Java will also soon build the Arts Building, which is expected to become the grandest art building in the archipelago. It is expected that later art building that will be built in Cikutra Bandung area, it will become a new landmark and will increase the potential of tourist visit to West Java again.

    In addition, for nature tourism, West Java was developing the area Ciletuh -Papabuhan Ratu in Sukabumi, which is currently the status of National Geopark, is being promoted to UNESCO Global Geopark.

    "The extent of Ciletuh - Pelabuhan Ratu is not half-hearted about 148 thousand hectares," he said.

    Aher also said it will always support the progress of tourism in West Java. Especially when viewing the potential tourist visit more and more. As in the year 2016 ago, already more than 4 million foreign tourists visiting West Java, and for domestic tourists not less than 58 million tourists visit West Java.

    "Hopefully we can show a better sense of security, if there is interference to visitors, immediately report," he said.

    Chairman of the JTX 2017 Committee Herman Rukmanadi said that his side as tourism activists along with other tourism associations in West Java, thanked the West Java Provincial Government because always confined, and always ready to play a role in promoting tourism in West Java.

    "The tourism market in West Java is a neighboring country, that's why this year we invite more participants coming from different countries to follow this event," said Herman.

    The organizers have invited Tour Operator from home and abroad as Buyers. Until now there are 68 foreign tour operators from more than 9 countries, and 25 local tour operators from all over Indonesia who have stated present to Bandung to follow JTX.

    The tour operators include, from Singapore 14 tour operator, Malaysia 14 tour operator, Philiphine 6 tour operator, Thailand 14 tour operator, Japan 6 tour operator, Kingdom Saudi Arabia 10 tour operator, Laos 1 tour operator, Poland 1 tour operator, Myanmar 2 tour operators, 25 Indonesian tour operators, up to a total of 93 tour operators.

    Herman also explained that the 19th JTX this time also held thanks to the cooperation in self-managed between HPI, ASITA, and PHRI. ASITA also invites potential buyers to bring in tourists, supported by several star hotels of PHRI members and supported by procurement of transportation and post tour by HPI members.

    "JTX not only plays a role in increasing tourist visits, but also can further optimize other tourism industry actors, so as to encourage the development of economic values for the surrounding community," said Herman.

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