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    Demiz Calls Infrastructure Development Must be Environmental Friendly


    GARUT-Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said the economic potential in a region will be in line with population growth. There is an increasing population, so there must be infrastructure improvements.

    "It should be accompanied by sustainable development that is environmentally sound, it must take the construction of houses, offices and centers, but still have to pay attention to environmental sustainability," he told reporters at Gedung Sate Journalist Media Gathering at Kamojang Resort Garut regency, 17/5/2017).

    Vice Governor of West Java revealed every city/ regency should make Spatial Detail Plan (RDTR) so that population growth will be balanced with the growth of infrastructure.

    "RDTR is important to make the growth of the population is balanced with infrastructure development," he said

    In addition, Demiz, greeting familiar Vice Governor of West Java, requested that the implementation of development in West Java should be in harmony with the central government program.

    "Development in West Java should be adjusted, if it is in opposite way it does not work," he added

    Demiz revealed, with the implementation of the Regional Head Election (Pilkada) simultaneously in order not to happen very rapid changes in the field of regional development.

    "Therefore there is Regional Head Election (Pilkada) at the same time, if there is Repelita, whoever his President must run it in the State Policy Outline (GBHN)," he concluded.

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