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    Three Countries in Latin America Explores Cross-Sector Cooperation in West Java


    BANDUNG - Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to Indonesia Nirsia Castro Guevara, Director of the Trade of Peru in Indonesia Juan Carlos Valdivia, and Head of Representative the Embassy of Republic of Suriname Shefferon Kartawikromo, visited Pakuan Building, Bandung to meet West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, on Tuesday afternoon (15/12).

    In the meeting which was also attended by officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, revealed a plan of cooperation which include in tourism sector, culture, education, economy, technology, health, animal husbandry, and agriculture.

    According to Aher, this cooperation is based on factual conditions of countries in Asia, Africa, and also in Latin America which has abundant natural resources. However, in terms of prosperity, countries in that region is lost by the northern state.

    "We're a southern nation who has much natural resources, but we are still under in the prosperity of northern countries," said Aher.

    Countries in Latin America have the same climate as Indonesia. Therefore, in terms of agriculture, that countries produces various fruit products same as in Indonesia, particularly in West Java, which has a variety of agricultural products.

    "They offered agricultural cooperation, they whiz in potatoes and avocados product," he said.

    Latin America had a seedless avocado. While inn West Java, our avocado’s seed is quite large. So it’s interesting if we could exchange this kind of avocado, it will have great impact if this cooperation managed well with mutually beneficial,” added Aher.

    Therefore, West Java Governor instructed the Head of related OPD in provincial government immediately explore this cooperation. They will be assigned immediately to communicate with the offices of Ambassador in Jakarta to explore this good cooperation.

    In addition, the Latin American delegation also offered cooperation in the health sector which currently in the intensive exploration between Biofarma Indonesia with Cuba Bio Farma.

    "They also offer cooperation in tourism, agriculture, animal husbandry, and other field which related to a developing country," concludes Aher.


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