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    University As A Space For Strengthening The Knowledge Base


    BANDUNG-Asean Economy Community (AEC) or more familiar with the term Asean Economic Community (MEA) has been rolling long, has made its debut at the end of 2015 ago. MEA is the unifying base of ASEAN countries to compete openly, through strengthening the economy and free market.

    To contribute to the strengthening of human resources, while transforming science and practice. Telkom University through the Directorate of Career Development Center (DPPK), held "Industrial Human Capital Development Summit (IHCDS) 2017" on May 18, 2017 at Grand Mutiara 1 & 2 Ritz Carlton Hotel Mega Kuningan Jakarta.

    Rector of Telkom University Professor Mchamad Ashari in his written statement said, so far the University located in Bandung consistently approaches the absorbent professional workforce.

    The industrial meeting was held as a form of strengthening the synergy between Telkom University and sustainable human resource absorption corporation.

    "Our great aspiration in the future, is to make the University (Telkom) as an excellent Entrepreneur center, meaning our educational content must be headed in that direction, academic and industry synergies, it will be necessary to face the competitive era," he explained.

    IHCDS plans to be rolled out with a cross-stakeholder dialogue program, industry, professionals, innovation researchers to academics.

    Meanwhile, Vice Rector for Admission and International Cooperation Dr. AMA Suyanto added, this activity aims to solve the problems of human resources in Indonesia related to the lack of industry needs and the number of human resources that are not ready to adapt to the changes.

    "That's why we feel it's important, the synergy not only to absorb our thousands of scholars every year, but with this synergy our human resources are already ready to innovate together with the industry, our curriculum is already focused on the industry's innovative needs in Indonesia, Explained Suyanto.

    The industry dialogue in IHCDS guided by the renowned presenter Tina Talisa will also be held the signing of cooperation with some reputable corporation, PT. Angakasa Pura II, PT. Metrodata Elektronik, PT. Home Credit Indonesia, PT. Infomedia Solusi Humanika and ID Talent Indonesia.

    Furthermore, in addition to strengthening University-Industrial synergy, IHCDS this year is an effort to eliminate the stigma of ivory tower so it is no longer inherent in the academic world. To that end, Telkom University regularly engages in sharing knowledge, industrial hearing, and Job Expo with various companies. Its important aim is to increase the University's contribution to corporate and economy knowledge to be implemented.

    "The university as a space for strengthening the knowledge base, while the industry is its lab, that reason that makes us have to keep asking for input from them (industry)," he concluded. (MAT)

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