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    PLN DJB Held Cooking Training


    SUMEDANG-Located on the front yard of Jatigede Sub-district Office, Sumedang Regency on Monday until Wednesday (15-17 / 5), PLN held Culinary Training of Banana and Mango as Raw Material and Marketing Strategy for MSME Actors around JTA. The training was attended by 50 participants from 4 villages around the power plant.

    Bananas and mangoes are a lot of growing in the environment around Jatigede power plant. The amount of crops earned every month becomes an opportunity that PLN and citizens use to produce food with higher selling value. Deputy Manager of Law and Communications of PLN UIP JBT I in opening remark mentioned that the potentials in Jatigede need to be developed so that the people's economy will increase.

    "It is very unfortunate if the harvest of bananas and mangoes is sold just like that. The training is expected that the processed products have a higher selling value that can improve the economy of the people here".

    This food processing training program is a series of PLN CSR program UIP JBT I which has been implemented around the location of Cisokan power plant in West Bandung. Enthusiasm from the participants of the residents seen from his enthusiasm in following every instruction delivered by Mrs. Dewi, one of the culinary trainers who were recruited by PLN.

    In addition to the Jatigede hydroelectric power plant and Cisokan power plant, PLN will also conduct training on food production and marketing at two other power plant sites, namely Indramayu power plant in Indramayu Regency, scheduled to be held on 18-19 May 2017 and Muara Tawar power plant in Bekasi Regency, Held on 22-24 May. Processed food products that are developed certainly vary according to the local potential of each region. (Even)

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