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    LPOI Holds First National Working Meeting at Cimahi


    CIMAHI-For the first time, Friendship Institution of Indonesia Islamic Organization (LPOI) held a National Working Meeting held on Education and Training campus of West Java Province, Cimahi City 15-16 May 2017. According to LPOI Chairman, Said Agil Siradj, this first National Working Meeting discuss more In terms of work programs and funding sources.

    "Particularly is the source of funding, the organization is big enough, there are 14 community organizations in it, so it needs big fund also to manage it and run the work program," he said.

    Said Agil Siradj, who is also chairman of PB NU, also said that LPOI will become the government's partner in maintaining the harmony of religious people.

    "We will follow to maintain tolerance in the state of inter-religious organizations as well as between religious communities," he explained.

    The first congress of LPOI was opened by IPDN Rector Ermaya Suradinata representing the Minister of Home Affairs, and also attended by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

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