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    Supreme Audit Agency Appeals to Boost Community Raw Material Production Needs


    BANDUNG-Member IV The Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) RI, Rizal Djalil, appealed that the raw materials assessed to be the basic needs of society can be improved again. Two of them are hitherto considered to be the basic needs of the community, namely soybeans and wheat.

    "Lately the raw materials of tofu and tempe are declining. Our hope is enhanced again because these two foods are considered as the staple food of society and it is inevitable, we must meet, "he told reporters in Bandung, Tuesday (05/16/2017).

    The same thing happens to wheat which is growing in countries with different climates to Indonesia. In fact, said Rizal, community dependence on wheat is also so high.

    "Flour in terms of the context of making noodles and so is quite large, this should be balanced with validation as well," he said.

    For that, continued Rizal, to the relevant institutions his party requested to boost production of materials that are considered to be the basic needs of society.

    "We expect the Ministry of Agriculture specifically to handle the production can meet the basic needs of the community," he said.

    Regarding with food stocks ahead of Ramadhan, Rizal said that so far this is enough, so the BPK appealed to the public not to panic with the growing issue of rising prices of basic needs.

    "I think the food stock ahead of the fast is considered enough, we see there is no dynamics in the field, everything is enough and once again I want to emphasize that the Ministry of Agriculture has task of production while the Ministry of Trade handles the stock with coordination economy minister," he concluded.

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