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    New Entrepreneur Encourages West Java Tourism Sector


    BANDUNG-Head of Development Center of Human Resource Partnership Tourism and Culture, Rusyandi said, the process of developing a potential New Entrepreneurship, will be greatly influenced by the diversity of culture and tourism treasures that grow and develop in today's society.

    According to him, the wealth possessed is a very extraordinary potential can be used as an asset and the carrying capacity of the strengthening of business actors who partner.

    "It is hoped that with the creation of 100 thousand new entrepreneurs, it can produce creative ideas and recommendations that can provide an alternative in making policies that support the achievement of the target," he said to jabarprov.go.id, Wednesday (17/5) / 2017)

    Printing activity of 100 thousand New Entrepreneurial Tourism in this year followed by 40 participants, who are the entrepreneurs in the field of culinary and souvenirs contained in Pangandaran Regency.

    "This activity aims to encourage the economic sector of society to be better, especially in Pangandaran generally in West Java Province," he said

    In addition, to provide knowledge, understanding, ability, motivation, innovation and creativity are high in the implementation of entrepreneurial management in the field of tourism. As well as, make the training participants of 100 thousand New Entrepreneurial tourism in order to have more harmonious sense of togetherness in upholding the values of creativity in the development of new entrepreneurs, especially in the tourism sector in West Java. (MAT)

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