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    Vice Regent Indramayu Plants Soybean Simultaneously


    INDRAMAYU-In implementing soybean planting in 10,000 hectares of forest area in Indramayu Regency forest, it is expected to run transparently and not appear to the 'stealth' farmers who receive the program. If implemented properly, the food sovereignty program can be achieved.
    This is confirmed by Vice Regent Indramayu H. Supendi when simultaneously planting APBN 2017 soybean at KPH Indramayu Cikawung Village Terisi subdistrict, Wednesday (17/05/2017).
    Supendi added that the planting of soybean in KPH Indramayu is a mandate from the government to realize food sovereignty especially from soybean sector. Because so far the need for soybean is still very high and has not been fulfilled by domestic production so it is still being imported from other countries.
    By planting 10,000 hectares of land expected to have an impact on the realization of food sovereignty and can improve the welfare of the farmers. However, the existence of aid sourced from the APBN is not necessarily to be mocked by those who want to make a profit.
    "I will monitor the implementation, this is targeted as ten thousand hectares. Later If it is not achieved just report what it is do not do data manipulation. If there is this program usually will also emerge a group of peasant stealth, I hope this does not happen in Indramayu. The PPL must know exactly the conditions in the field, "said vice regent.
    Supendi added that currently planting soybeans is an alternative choice of farmers who are quite tempting, especially those in the forestry field. The reason is, there is no need for special treatment like rice plants that must be available water. Planting soybeans as long as a little wet can still live.
    For a land area of 1 hectare, can still produce 1.7 tons of soybean with a sale price of 7,000 per kilogram. With the high price of this soy farmers can benefit economically and can improve the welfare of his family. DENI SANJAYA / Communications and Informatics Office of Indramayu Regency.

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