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    Vice Governor Inaugurates Office of Samsat Office Depok City I


    BEKASI CITY-Along with the new paradigm of public administration, or 'new public service,' the Government must position itself as a servant of the community.

    Along with that, the Regional Income Agency (BAPENDA) of West Java Province continues to improve services, one of them with the opening of Regional Sales Service Branch Office of West Java Province Bekasi City and Samsat Depok City I, which is located at Ir H. Djuanda Street No. 32 Bulak Kapal Bekasi. The New Building is designed with consideration of the convenience of the taxpayers when they come to the service office.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz), said that own regional income has a very important meaning, in the midst of efforts to continue to optimize the sources of Local Own Revenue (PAD), as the basis of regional financial independence.

    "Along with that, I certainly welcomed and expressed appreciation for the completion of the construction of Bekasi City Service Branch Office and Depok I, as part of efforts to improve the quality of public services and the optimization of regional revenue performance," said Deddy Mizwar in Bekasi on Tuesday (16/05/2017).

    "Therefore, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the ranks of the Regional Revenue Board and all the partners of the West Java and West Java Police Development Team, who have worked hand-in-hand to build the Samsat service system so that in the last six years the realization of Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) and Motor Vehicle Title Fee (BBNKB) in West Java is always reached above 100%, "He continued.

    Even from the report that he received, Deddy stated that in the year 2016 yesterday, the realization of PKB and BBNKB became the biggest contributor of Local Tax revenue, namely PKB of 39.33% and BBNKB of 31.69%.

    In addition, PKB and BBNKB are also the largest contributor to the Local Own Revenue, namely PKB of 36.29% and BBNKB of 29.24%, or in other words PKB and BBNKB contribute respectively 22.33% and 18% to Revenue Area. Thanks to the contribution of PKB and BBNKB, until now the West Java Provincial Government is including those with high financial independence is quite high, with the PAD ratio reaches 61.54%.

    Furthermore, Deddy explained that for the Fiscal Year of 2017, the target of Pure Local Income is set at 30.540 trillion rupiah, including PAD target of 16.524 trillion rupiah, covering Local Taxes of 15.238 trillion rupiah, Regional Retribution of 58.245 billion rupiah, Result of Wealth Management The Dissociated Area of 323,443 billion rupiah, and Other Legal PAD of 903.960 billion rupiah.

    "Of the five components of Regional Tax, PKB is targeted to contribute 37.15% to PAD, while BBNKB is targeted to contribute 27.09%," said Deddy.

    Therefore, he asks all Parent Branch Regional Income Services (CPPD), as well as points of others PKB and BBNKB service payments such as Samsat Outlet, Samsat Corner, Samsat Drive Thru, Samsat Roving, Samsat Gendong, Samsat NITE, Samsat 3 Provinces , And Samsat KCP bjb, totaling 172 points in total, to continuously strive to improve the quality of service to the community.

    "Hopefully, the realization of PKB until May 11, 2017 has reached 36.75%, BBNKB I which has reached 39.16%, and BBNKB II which has reached 53.24%, by the end of the year could exceed the target set, "He said.

    Specifically Deddy also requested the attention of 4 Parent CPPD located in jurisdiction of Polda Metro Jaya, that is CPPD Depok City I, Depok City II Cinere, Bekasi City, and Bekasi Regency, because these four CPPD have the potential of Motor Vehicle reached 4.27 million Units or 26% of the total potential of Motor Vehicles in West Java as of April 30, 2017.

    Furthermore, in order to intensify Deddy also requested to all Parent CPPD to continue conducting KTMDU tracking program, Joint Operation Orderly motor vehicle theft, basic exemption program and fine of BBNKB II within and outside the province as well as program PKB fines in the province periodically.

    "In addition, strengthening superior programs to facilitate taxpayers in paying PKB, such as closer Samsat service around the house of worship, School, Campus, Factory, Car Free Day and Car Free Night, so that the potential tax optimally excavated, "He said.

    Do not forget, Deddy also appreciated the e-Samsat program which from year to year its realization continues to show a positive trend, from 168.6 million rupiah in 2014 to 1.22 billion rupiah in 2015, and in 2016 again increased rapidly To 8.16 billion rupiah. Even until May 3, 2017, the realization of PKB through e-Samsat in 6 perception banks has reached 3.45 billion rupiah.

    "We are also grateful that the innovation of e-Samsat West Java Province has the honor to be replicated by 17 Provinces in Indonesia, We are to do better in delivering excellent service innovation that can be a positive inspiration for other regions, "Deddy said. 

    Deddy admitted that his side will continue to encourage the preparation of cooperation with Bank Mandiri, one of which, can run smoothly, so from 64 Thousands of ATMs spread across Indonesia and even abroad, will be able to grow again around 15 thousand ATM Bank Mandiri, so that the future will make it easier for the taxpayers to fulfill their tax obligations.

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