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    Aher: Make Gotong Royong As the Personality of the Nation


    KARAWANG-Gotong royong (Mutual Cooperation) is able to solve the problems of the nation. Unity is including a mutual cooperation that can solve the problems often occur in the life of the nation and state. For that, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan appealed the community to make mutual cooperation as the nation's personality.

    "Because gotong royong be the personality of the nation so it should not be told or announced excessively," said the Governor after opening the 14th Bulan Bhakti Gotong Royong Masyarakat (BBGRM) and the 45th PKK movement in Karang Pawitan Karawang regency, Tuesday (16 / 5/2017)

    Heryawan said gotong royong must be grown since the family environment, especially in the context of the division of the task of life, state, including the division of household duties in the concept of fairness between men and women.

    "I say this because it has done with certain limits, I still remember washing clothes and cook at home because that time wife just gave birth," he said.

    "Of course, if it is linked with our culture, there are still obstacles because there are still many men who believe that the task at home is the task of women," he added.

    According to the Governor, the task is not only imposed on women but is a joint task.

    "Why not, if having pleasure time at home, my husband also cooks and washes clothes, as if the wife has a task outside, the husband does household chores, that is, the meaning of true mutual cooperation," he said.

    Aher greeting familiar West Java Governor mentions if gotong royong life has reached the family level, then he is optimistic in public life and even gotong royong state will run well.

    Gotong royong is not merely the customs of this nation but is a pride of the Indonesian nation.

    "To the extent that Bung Karno mentions if Pancasila is concluded then the word gotong royong will arise," he said.

    In the era of technological progress, It is said that the number one man of West Java, which views all can be solved by the state, it is wrong view.

    "The present State in this world is not destined to resolve all its problems but the state is destined to manage, collect all potential goodness and with mutual cooperation can be solved together," he concluded. (MAT

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