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    Vice Governor Push Animator To Discover Content Local


    CIMAHI-Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar stated that potential animators in our country has been so great. In fact they are already working with various companies overseas.

    “Technically, their potential is outstanding. Our animators have reached international level and recognised in several countries. The most important thing now is how to encourage them to explore the local content,” said Deddy Mizwar after visiting the Baros International Animation Festival (BIAF) or the Festival International Animation Baros in Area Simply Valore Hotel, Jalan Baros, Cimahi, Thursday (8/10) afternoon.

    A very simple example, like Upin Ipin that technically unremarkable. But, why in Indonesia it was booming? That was because of the local content. Sopo Jarwo is one of the examples, that was played repeatedly because of the strength of its local content.

    “Well, that’s why we need to encourage this community to explore our local content. How the local content was able to be extracted becomes an interesting spectacle, such as Upin Ipin. However, there are local content that is emotionally closer to the audience. Sopo Jarwo is so emotionally. It has been exemplified success in this country,” he said.

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