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    Governor of West Java Calls PKK is The Most Solid Organization


    KARAWANG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan stated PKK organization is one of the most solid organizations because it grows from the bottom up and without any element of politics.

    "Of course we agree together the role of the PKK is very remarkable I must conclude that the most solid organizations grow from the bottom up without any politics and the various parties always finish then the name of organization is PKK," he said in his speech at the opening of the 14th Bhakti Mutual Gotong Royong Masyarakat (BBGRM) and the 45th unity day of PKK movement event in the field Karang Pawitan Karawang regency, Tuesday (05/16/2017)

    Governor also appreciated the role of PKK during this time which is very helpful to the government's performance.

    "Thank you for the role of PKK during this time that helps the government, alleviate the burden, even the very detailed matters in Regional Office that even the one who get TPP was missed by the PKK, it turns out and the same time it turns out PKK women," he explained.

    Aher greeting familiar Governor of West Java revealed that members of the PKK generally inhabited by women. For that, he also gave the highest award for women.

    "Therefore I agree also that the women are extraordinarily great. She is the nurse of life and also the center of life," he said.

    Aher also invites all circles to respect women. It is in accordance with the teachings of the Rosululloh that greatly respects the women. Therefore there is no other sentence from men including the 45th Day of the PKK Movement which states men are very respectful of mothers.

    "Let us respect the women because the Prophet alone command to honor our mother up to 3 times and the fourth is father," he added.

    "Of course not respect on stage or here only but prove it later when already at home," he added.

    While the task of life, continued divided Aher distributed between men and women. According to him, there is no specific task between men and women unless the task is related to the sexes.

    "The task is like pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding is all the tasks of sex that can not be exchanged for each other, but outside the affairs of the sex is a task that can be shared with men in justice," he concluded. (MAT)

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