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    "Earth Offering", Becomes Design Theme of West Java Art Building in Cikutra


    BANDUNG - The competition of design West Java Art and Cultural Center (WJACC) has entered the final stage. Previously committee team has selected 110 participants. From this number there are 68 participants who insert a physical document file. While documents worthy of display for a total of 67 files from 68 Participants.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) regrets, from the five nominations who entered the final round, he regretted no design work of participants from West Java.

    "Two designs come from Jakarta, one design each from Solo, Semarang, and Yogyakarta," said Aher.

    Monday (15/05/2017), at Gedung Sate, the five nominations were judged by the Jury Team and shown to the public in the East Hall Gedung Sate Bandung. The concept of the fifth nomination has a unique and interesting theme: (1) Dancing at the Natural Stage, (2) Earth Offering (Persemhbahan Bumi), (3) Saung Parahyangan, (4) Saung Taluh, and (5) Riungan Awi.

    WJACC Jury Chairperson Gunawan Tjahjono from The Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI) explained that it requires several general criteria in the assessment: First, the building is not a clone of an existing building and can represent an innovative icon of West Java.

    "Secondly, buildings must meet building reliability requirements including safety and comfort, including the provision of accessibility facilities, especially disabled," he said.

    In this assessment, the winner of the contest comes out with the concept of "Earth Offering". The winner of the contest is also the result of the assessment by the jury who is an architectural expert, including: Budi A Sukada from The Indonesian Institute of Architects (IAI), Baskoro Tedjo (IAI), and artist Tisna Sanjaya. There are also Juror of Honor namely Governor and Vice Governor of West Java.

    "The judging results, after the jury counsels, including the honorary judges participated in discussions of the results, and the winner, or the 1st Winner goes to the nomination number WJACC2017-011, with the theme 'Earth Offering,'" he said.

    In this concept, the philosophy presented a series of spiritual space experience, mutual assistance offerings, celebrations, prayers, and parties. The existence of the form 'Sangu Tumpeng' as a reflection of the culture of society whose terms of meaning.

    While the cultures of offerings and celebrations depict the Nusantara society that is agrarian. So from the reflection of the concept there is a form that adopts the paddy fields with ponds as artificial irrigation.

    Related to the structure of the building, the structure used is a combination of concrete construction as a retaining floor plate, steel construction is used to change the shape of the cone and load bearing wallpaper on the perimeter wall.
    Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar expressed West Java Provincial Government deliberately took IAI West Java to filter ideas and design ideas West Java Arts and Culture Center of good quality and international standard.

    Deddy Mizwar, or Demiz also said, adequate art building needs to exist as a form of appreciation and facilities for art and culture. While the 'unique building' to be built he believes will be a new Landmark in West Java.

    "We shared together, so there are some considerations from various aspects, technical, construction, and all kinds of things, we see that this one is the best among the five nominees, we see that the building has never existed before. The other four times we will also design used to build art buildings in various other areas in West Java, "said Deddy.

    Besides, Deddy also revealed that West Java, and the Archipelago in general, has an outstanding performing arts. So in order to appreciate the cultural treasures of the nation is one of them by providing a place of art performances that should.

    For your information, the West Java Arts and Culture Center (WJACC) will be located at BPPTKP Bandung, Pahlawan Street no. 70 Neglasari, Cibeunying Kaler, Bandung City.

    The WJACC building will stand on an area of nearly 4 hectares. There will be one main hall with an audience capacity of up to 1,500 people. In addition, there will also be four or five spaces as an arts-cultural show area for community, students as well as an international standard exhibition space. Commercial areas such as hotels and malls will be integrated with this WJACC area.

    The building will be designed with the concept of green building, and follow the rules of the building, especially in the city of Bandung. Among them, such as Regional Regulation no. 5 Year 2010 on Building, Mayor Regulation no. 1023 Year 2016 on Green Building, and others.

    While the budget (standard and non-standard work) as mentioned in the general design criteria is approximately Rp 600 billion. The construction project is scheduled to begin in 2018. 

    Meanwhile, the WJACC contest winners receive prizes including 1st Winner: Rp 300 million, 2nd place: Rp 100 million, and 3rd place: Rp 75 million. While Champion of Hope Rp 30 million (the amount is not tax deducted) .

    As of the winners include, WJACC.011 1st Winner - Earth Offering, 2nd Winner WJACC.087 - Saung Parahyangan, 3rd Winner WJACC.068 - Riungan Awi, 1st Winner WJACC .009- Dance at the Natural Stage, and Champion of Hope 2 WJACC.110- Saung Taluh.

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