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    Increasingly Threatening, Bima Reminds the Danger of Non Communicable Diseases (PTM)


    BOGOR CITY-Increasing trend of Non-communicable Diseases (PTM) raises concern for everyone. This disease attacks regardless of age, young or old. PTM even able to cause death, such as stroke, high blood, and heart. For that Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya reminded the danger of PTM.

    "It is not contagious disease but is now beginning to creep up to make the cause of death is the highest," said Bima when opening routine activities Briefing Staff in Bogor City Government Environment. The meeting was held at Paseban Sri Bima City Hall Bogor, Tuesday (05/16/2017).

    "I am reminded of some of my closest people who died with the same pattern, whereas previously there was no symptoms of having a disease. People who look healthy, hefty body, age is still under 40 and exercise every day when the check lab with the catheter inserted there was a blockage. So a healthy body does not guarantee the absence of accumulation or blood coagulation, "said Bima.

    According to Bima, the above should be a common concern. Bima invites all parties to campaign the Healthy Community Movement (Germas). But before, Bima reminded that this movement must start from the self first. Bima also instructed some things related to Germas. Bima stressed, Bogor City Health Office as the leading sector must play a role.

    "My Education Office requested to revive Gymnastics Physical fitness (SKJ). So our children invite to move. Head of Education Office please coordinate with Head of Health Office. For Head of Communications and Informatics I support Germas campaign through various media, especially social media. We try to use Tagline Moving Healthy Citizens Town. To Sport Office also participate campaigning the same thing. Education Office focus on SKJ, Agriculture Office promotes and campaigns fond of eating fruits and vegetables and fish. Healthy eating is more promoted, "explained Bima.

    Finally Bima instructed the Office of housing and Settlement (Disperumkim) and DGH for the provision of facilities and infrastructure that supports Germas. One of them is the availability of sports facilities in the park for residents. "Not only the offices, we also invite other parties to campaign this Germas such as TPK PKK Bogor City, NGOs and other parties," said Bima. (Humas: rabas / indra-eto)

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