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    Aher: Al-Azhar Graduates Are Ready to Be Ustad in the Village


    CIMAHI-At least 500 students from Al-Azhar University of Egypt from West Java who got a scholarship from the West Java Provincial Government has declared its readiness to become a religious coach or Ustad in the Village. This was revealed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan after attending the opening of National Working Meeting Institute of Indonesia Islamic Organization Friendship (Lembaga Persahabatan Islam Ormas Islam Indonesia/LPOI) at West Java Education and Training Center campus in Cimahi City (15/5).

    "The birth of understandings mostly from rural areas, why is that, because there is no cleric who can give the correct understanding of religion," said Aher.

    Therefore, according to the former Chairman of PUI, it is very important to bring back the ustad who are able to give the correct understanding of religion to ward off misguided heresy.

    "So it is not only the ordinary citizens who do urbanization, but also the ustad, they also prefer the city to domicile, so that in the village becoming lack or even no having ustad," said Aher.

    For this reason, West Java Provincial Government does Ustad cadre, one of them by giving scholarship candidate for lectures at the University of Al-Azhar in Egypt.

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