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    Sales of New Agya in West Java Reach 16.9 Percent


    BANDUNG-PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) noted that the people of Bandung and West Java are the biggest customers who chose Toyota Agya. Agya vehicle Booking Letter (SPK) in this pasundan area contributed 16.9 percent to Toyota Entry Hatchback total sales.

    Public Relations Manager of PT TAM, Rouli Sijabat said that since the beginning of its presence, in April 2017, until early May 2017, the total New Agya vehicle Booking Letter (SPK) has reached 3,900 units with 1.2L Line-up contributing 96.4 percent.

    "We note, New Agya with manual type is the most selected by customers with the number reached 53.8 percent of the total vehicle Booking Letter (SPK) entry. As for West Java itself reaches 16.9 percent, "he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (13/05/2017)

    Rouli added that TAM's market share is targeting sales at 35 percent position with total sales of all Toyota products for 2017 reaching 1.05 million units.

    "Last year, our total sales figure was about 380 thousand units," he said.

    Regarding to preparation of Lebaran this year, Toyota as usual set up Lebaran Mudik posts. Through Free Holiday champagne  program, it facilitates customers to do vehicle service one month before Lebaran.

    "Toward the moment of Lebaran mudik we do not want to let the consumer alone. One of them make a mudik post let there calm by car maintenance first, "he said.

    Meanwhile, for the post points in this year, he continued, unchanged that is more than 10 locations in the region of West Java.

    "We prepare a 24 hour standby workshop for homecoming," he concluded. (MAT)

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