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    The Republic of Indonesia Embassy in Moscow Invites West Java to Join 2nd Indonesia Festival


    BANDUNG-The Republic of Indonesia Embassy (KBRI) in Moscow, Russia will hold 2nd Indonesia Festival (FI). The Republic of Indonesia Embassy invited West Java Provincial Government to take part in the festival which will be held on 4-6 August 2017 in Moscow, Russia.

    This Indonesian festival is held as an effort to promote Trade, Tourism, and Investment (TTI), as well as Indonesian social culture in Russia. FI this time raised Theme: "Visit Wonderful Indonesia: Enjoy its Diversity".

    The invitation to participate was conveyed directly by the Vice Chief Representative to Russia in Moscow, Russia, Lasro Simbolon to West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher). The meeting took place at Gedung Sate, Diponegoro Street No. 22, Bandung, Monday morning (15/5/17).

    This invitation was also welcomed by Aher. For West Java, this will be a momentum for a form of cooperation between West Java and the countries in Europe. In addition, the timing of the festival is in line with the plan of working visit Governor Aher to Russia.

    Aher also confirmed will present directly lead the West Java delegation at the festival. "We want to find a new brother there (Europe) .We want to increase the chances of cooperation there and invest here," Aher said in a meeting with Lasro Simbolon.

    On this occasion, Aher also explained various superior products of West Java. One of the things proposed by Aher, the West Java coffee products that currently has become a superior product. "We have a superior product, one of which has become excellent coffee here, furniture as well," said Aher.

    This festival as a follow-up of the success of the first FI held at Hermitage Garden, Moscow on 20-21 August 2016. 1st FI managed to siphon visitors as much as 68.297 people.

    West Java is considered as one of prominent provinces in Indonesia, and has an important role in every effort of the Central Government. For that, the participation of West Java in this event is expected to be a means of promotion of regional potential and develop business networks and socio-cultural with Russia. The prospect of Russia as Indonesia's trading partner is very strategic, given that the country has experienced significant purchasing power after it emerged from the economic crisis in 2014.

    The initiation of sister province or sibling cooperation between West Java Province and Bashkortoshtan Province in Russia has begun through the communication between the leaders of both countries facilitated by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Moscow. Cooperation that can be done is in the Field of Trade, Tourism, and Investment.

    "There are three agenda of us with the Governor (Aher) We want to invite West Java in a big event, integrated promotion, trade, tourism, investment This is very important because of the potential exposure, the power of Indonesia we need to do with the regions in Indonesia. And in West Java is complete, "said Vice Chief of Indonesian Representative for Russia in Moscow, Russia, Lasro Simbolon after meeting with Aher.

    Lasro said, now has many Russian investors who have started to look at Indonesia. In addition, the Russian community is also very enthusiastic about Indonesia. Seen from the organization of the first FI, Lasro said the Russian people really enjoy the culture and culinary Indonesia.

    "And I am proud that I asked if the Governor can bring the Cultural Team but also grant our cultural tools, and he (Governor) immediately said yes.So Sundanese gamelan, Angklung will also be brought and donated to be an important instrument to bind attention Heart from Russia to Indonesia from a cultural perspective, "Lasro said.

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