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    Communications and Informatics Ministry Calls Cyber Terorrist Action Attacking Indonesia


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) declared a cyber terrorist attack that attacked Indonesia type ransomware. Ransomware is a type of malicious software or malware that attacks the victim's computer by locking the victim's computer or encrypt all the files so they can not be accessed again.

    "This year a new type of ransomware has emerged and is expected to take a lot of casualties, and this new Ransomware is called WannaCry. WannaCry ransomware is targeting a Windows-based PC that has a weakness related to the SMB function that runs on that computer," said Director General of Ministry of Communications and Informatics Applications, Sammy Pangerapan in his official statement Received in Bandung, Sunday (15/5/2017)

    According to him, cyber attacks that occur lately are scattered and massive as well as attacking a very important resource (critical resource). In fact, this attack can be categorized as cyber terrorists.

    "Based on the reports we received, the attacks were directed to Harapan Kita Hospital and Dharmais Hospital, with the cyber attacks, we ask that the public remain calm and increase the caution in interacting in the cyber world," he said.

    He urged the public immediately take precautions against the threat of malware, especially WannaCry type ransomware.

    Because, according to his estimates WannaCry attacks have taken many victims in various countries. Therefore, it is important to carry out a series of precautions as well as handling in the event of an incident.

    "WannaCry infects a computer by encrypting all the files on the computer and by using the weaknesses that exist in the SMB service can execute commands and then spread to other Windows computers on the same network," he said.

    "All computers connected to the Internet that still have this weakness even computers that are on the same network have the potential to be infected by WannaCry threats," he added.

    The WannaCry virus from its appearance asks for ransom or ransom funds to allow the files hijacked with encryption to be restored in normal circumstances again. The ransom funds that is requested is with a bitcoin payment equivalent to US $ 300.

    "WannaCry provides a bitcoin address for the payment, besides giving the deadline for the last time of payment and the time when the ransom penalty can go up if not paid yet, so we should not obey their will," he said.

    Sammy admitted until now there has been no quickest and most effective solution to restore the files that have been infected WannaCry. However, disconnecting the internet from an infected computer will stop WannaCry from spreading to another vulnerable computer.

    "As an important addition, ID-SIRTII advises today, Monday the office will open, please watch out for PCs and other personal computer and network form do not connect to LAN and internet first, first do back up  important data, make sure anti Virus software has been updated and security patch suggested by Microsoft done first, "he concluded. (MAT)

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