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    Ministry of Communications and Informatics Appealed Community Not to Panic in Facing Wannacry Virus


    BANDUNG-Ministry of Communications and Informatics (Kemenkominfo) appealed to the public not to panic in facing malware ransomwareWannaCrypt virus.

    Communications and Informatics Minister Rudiantara said transmission can be through the spread of email attachment files and links to malware sites, not just through the spread through the network.

    "There is no quickest and most effective solution to restore files that have been infected with WannaCRY. However, disconnecting the internet from an infected computer will stop the spread of WannaCry to another vulnerable computer, "Rudiantara said in an official statement in Bandung on Sunday (15/05/2017)

    Rudiantara explain how to prevent it, back up the file periodically, do patching on SMBv1 service, install antivirus, and do not open suspicious files.

    In addition, these cyber crimes can be anticipated by taking the following steps

    1. Before turn on the computer / server, first turn off hotspot / wifi and unplug the LAN / Internet cable connection;

    2. Afterwards, immediately move data to non-Windows operating system (Linux, Mac) and / or backup / copy all data to separate storage media

    Then from the manager of information technology can follow other technical follow-up as follows

    3. Perform security updates on your Windows by installing Patch MSl7-010 issued by Microsoft in Patch. Updating is done by taking a patch file downloaded using a normal computer, not a computer that plays an important role.

    4. Update AntiVirus. AV example: Kapersky Total Security, Eset, Panda, Symantec can download trial version for 30 days free with full function or feature and update. Make sure AV includes Anti Ransomware.

    5. Disable the SMB (server message block) function and do not enable macros functionality.

    6. Block Ports: 139/445 & 3389

    Ministry of Communications and Informatics requests every organization, especially ministries and government agencies to have a team handling of computer security incidents / information or incident security response team (lSRT) for handling security of information technology and internet.

    Ministry of Communications and Informatics predicts that the virus will attack the company or banking financial institutions, transportation, and energy.

    "The existence of lSRT is very important primarily to the national strategic sector or institution," he said.

    For the need of consultancy, the Ministry of Communications and Informatics invites for those who need to be able to contact

    1. Aries K (DG Aptika 08567235183)

    2. Didien (lD-SlRTll / CC 08119936071)

    Can also communicate to ID-Sirtii / CC by phone 02131925551, 02131935556 (on working day / hour). (MAT)

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