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    USB Campus Encourages Five Programs to Accredit A


    BANDUNG-To get A accreditation for study program (Prodi) on private campus (PTS) is not as easy as at the state campus (PTN). All that is required on a private campus should be held alone, while in PTN there is a government grant.

    "But there is also a private campus that has received accreditation A for a number of study program, well it whipped our spirit to also be able, although done gradually," said Rector of USB Asep Effendi, Saturday (13/5)

    He said there are a number of criteria that must be fulfilled campus to get accreditation A. For example the availability of the number of professors, comparisons of lecturers and students, as well as other support personnel.

    Likewise the state of campus infrastructure must be in accordance with the provisions. For example must have a certain laboratory according to the department.

    "If the country has help from the government. We are private doing it ourselves. It's not fair, but it can be done with campus collaborations and third parties, "he said.

    This year USB also plans to get A accreditation for a number of study programs, such as Accounting Studies, management, and communication sciences.

    "We hope the government's attention to the private campus is the same as the country. Because we also have a share in the development of human resources, amid the limited capacity of PTN. West Java PTS there are 300's, very much, "he said. Jo

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