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    Aher: Coffee is Healthy


    BANDUNG -West Java Governor, Ahmad Heryawan or familiarly called Aher stated that coffee is healthy and can maintain health, during the selection of good coffee, consumed in the right dose and how to make it right.

    "As long as its good coffee ingredients are properly processed and consumed with the right dose, the coffee can actually maintain heart health and prevent senility," Aher explained.

    According to Aher, one of the good coffee ingredients is the original coffee from West Java plantations that fall into the special category or the highest quality.

    "West Java's coffee is included in the category of special or the best quality in the world, the quality under it there is premium and commercial," he said.

    Therefore, to campaign West Java coffee quality, Aher created a kind of tag line.

    "So, good and healthy coffee is summarized in one slogan that is not cutting but brewing, No Sugar Among Us," he said.

    West Java provincial government in the last four years continues to promote coffee planting and socializing the superiority of coffee from West Java as the world's best coffee. (Even)

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