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    Commercialization of Research Results Still Minimal


    BANDUNG-PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk supports researchers in Indonesia in the commercialization of research findings in research field because it is still considered minimal.

    Executive General Manager (EGM) Digital Service Division (DDS) Telkom Arief Musta'in said the utilization and commercialization of research results is a real form of Telkom support for research in the country.

    One form of Telkom support is by holding "Researcher & Expert Meet Up", as a forum for researchers and experts to conduct discussion and collaboration of a research object.

    "Commercialization of research results tend to be minimal, so it needs an activity that supports the effort," he told reporters on Saturday (13/05/2017)

    Researcher & Expert Meet Up is attended by academicians, practitioners, government and research institute (community), and also present speakers, among others Director of AdWiTech Telkom University Dr.Eng. Khoirul Anwar, S.T., M.Eng and Head of Research Center of Informatics LIPI. Yan Riyanto, M.Eng.

    Arief added that this activity is carried out by Telkom as a company that is focusing on transforming as a digital telecommunication company and supporting research ecosystem consisting of Academic, Business, Government & Community / Practical (ABGC)

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