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    Indonesian Children Must Have the Ability to Adapt


    BANDUNG-One that must be mastered by Indonesian children is the ability to adapt to social life.

    "And it can we teach from childhood with him can be friends, work together, so although he changed culture will not happen shock culture," said Child and Family Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani told reporters in Bandung Saturday (13/05/2017)

    According to her, parents should also continue to teach the values of Indonesian culture.

    "By appreciating the cultural roots of the Indonesian nation then the child will have a clear and firm foundation that he can develop again into a whole personality," she said.

    With regard to violence against children, Anna said, there are some forms of violence against children such as physical violence in the form of real and psychological acts such as sexual violence, language, emotional and neglect.

    "Well, actually physical violence is now much reduced compared with the past, now that often happens is emotionally violent, because often not realized by parents," she said.

    Anna considered very important to provide education for parents such as parenting class so that parents know the tips of parenting their children.

    "Parenting class for parents is very important given so that they know the corridors of children's parenting, instead of doing violence against children" she concluded (MAT

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