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    Roller Skates Trend in Bandung, Psychologist Called Positive for Children


    BANDUNG-The increasing use of roller skates among school-age children in Bandung has a positive impact on the growth of children.

    Child and Family Psychologist Anna Surti Ariani assessed the trend of roller skates in school-aged children is considered positive because these activities require them to keep moving, exercise so that they can keep their health.

    "It is okay for our children to be taught, following the trend because it is useful so that he can socialize," he told reporters in Bandung, Saturday (13/05/2017)

    According to him, as long as the trend is positive impact parents should support the will of children. But instead for negative trends like various activities chalenge. So, Anna continued, parents should remind their children not to imitate chalenge that is dangerous but instead look for other, more positive chalenges that are more beneficial to their children.

    "How can a child socialize with a friend if he / she can not follow it?" Parents should support the child's desire during the activity is positive, "he said.

    Meanwhile, the rampant use of gadgets at the age of young children. Anna explained that parents should limit their child to use the gadget as well as possible.

    "Actually there are some time limit of children in using gadget that is between 6 years should not be more than 1 hour, while 6 years upwards can be 2 hours and under 2 years should not use gadget," he concluded. (MAT

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