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    "500KM ECOTRANSPORT Bandung-Solo" Departure Today


    BANDUNG-Community Action of Bandung Eco Transport to campaign environment friendly urban mobility mode initiate "500KM ECOTRANSPORT Bandung-Solo" by cycling from Bandung City to Solo City. The journey itself will begin on this day, Friday (12/05).

    Hendro Talenta, Pick Up Trash Movement activist and Director of Bandung Clean Action said the action with the theme "Mengabarkan Kebaikan dari Bandung untuk Indonesia" aims to campaign the importance of our environment.

    "Bike tourism is one solution to reduce congestion due to the high mobility needs in urban areas," he said.

    According to Hendro, the action of "500KM ECOTRANSPORT Bandung-Solo" which will end in Solo on May 18, 2017 will come through route Cirebon, Pekalongan, Semarang, and ended in Solo.

    "It is hoped that one day tourists will be traveling in the cities, do not use buses, but they use bicycles," said Hendro before release the ecotransport volunteer 500 Km Bandung-Solo, at Plaza Balaikota Bandung, Friday (12/05).

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