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    Deny Juanda: PON Facilities Must Be Done on March 2016


    BANDUNG - Orientation program on completing PON preparation is a priority program in 2016. It requested to be completed in first quarterly in 2016.

    It thus, expressed by Head of West Java Development Planning Board (Bappeda), Denny Juanda in his statement to jabarprov.go.id, Tuesday (15/12).

    According to Denny, the entire infrastructure required for PON both buildings, road to the location and equipment should be completed at the latest March 2016.

    Related to that target, these activities will be monitored weekly. For PON facilities in 2016, Arcamanik Stadium and Si Jalak Harupat Stadium will be prioritised.

    Meanwhile, for the road to the match location, will also be accelerated in construction.

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