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    SME Business Communication Can Through Internetprotocol


    BANDUNG-Telkomsel together with Cisco Systems Indonesia launched "Telkomsel Unified Collaboration" application to facilitate various business communication needs of companies and UMKM players through Internet network (internetprotocol).

    Vice President of Enterprise Mobile Product Marketing Telkomsel Arief Pradetya explained Telkomsel Unified Collaboration combines teleconferencing functions (voice and video), instant messaging and grouping, as well as collaboration between files, desktops and virtual whiteboard in one application.

    According to him, in this digital era, the support of information and communication technology becomes crucial for the company to remain a leader.

    "This service to bridge the communication needs of the company and will eventually support business productivity," said Arief in Bandung, Friday (05/12/2017)

    Arief explained with the benefits of teleconference up to 25 members, business meetings (meeting) to be more efficient in terms of time and cost because businesses do not have to do it face to face.

    On the same occasion, Marketing Director of Cisco Systems Indonesia Rama Agung said Telkomsel was chosen as a partner in Indonesia because of the same vision and mission regarding the development of technology and the digital world.

    Rama considers that solutions that collaborate with various communication media for call, call, video, chat and meeting are important elements of "smart digital office" that help improve productivity and cost efficiency.

    There is also Telkomsel Unified Collaboration applicable in large companies and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in various business segments, such as manufacturing, transportation, trade, hospitality, communications, service, agriculture, construction, mining and energy.

    "With its applications in one application, Telkomsel offers a" pay as you grow "staged payment system and utilizes a" full cloud "storage so the company can streamline device investment," he said.

    "This service can be used across 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi data networks using any device, connected to Exchange Server, and has an open API," he concluded. (MAT)

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