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    West Java is Assessed Appropriately for Cooperation with 4 Provinces in China


    BEIJING- Indonesian Embassy to China considers that the four Sister Province cooperation between West Java is appropriate. As it is known, West Java has signed four MoU with Guangxi Zhuang, Chongqing, Sichuan, and Heilongjiang during this week.

    Indonesian Ambassador to China, Soegeng Rahardjo said, the four provinces in the Western region of China has the same character with West Java from the culture of agriculture, tourism and manufacturing industry.
    "There is a lot to be gained from the Sister Province cooperation, for example in Chengdu it is agriculture, there is a large feed mill, Harbin has aviation technology, there is a technological center, so I asses West Java in cooperation with the right points to develop and grow West Java so that West Java can advance in particular and Indonesia in general, "said Soegeng who met after receiving a group of West Java Provincial Government at the Indonesian Embassy to China, in Beijing, Thursday (5/11/2017).
    However, Soegeng reminded there are three other things that must West Java do during the establishment of sister province with the four provinces in China is to establish cooperation with leaders or leaders of communities in China. In addition, establish information with academics and youth leaders there.
    "To be able to take advantages with China so far it must be acknowledged by the need to learn from the public figures, academics and youth figures so that they have the advantage of maximizing cooperation so that cooperation is not only at the government level, But with the community also to have there is the same perception and understanding about this China, "said Soegeng.
    On the other hand, Soegeng also revealed there are several provinces and cities in Indonesia which also establish sister province and sister city with China. Among them are East Java with Nanjing, Central Java with Fuchian, and Sidoarjo.
    "They are like East Java already has a marketing center of products origin of East Java in Nanjing," he said.
    However, Soegeng assess West Java is an aggressive province in utilizing such cooperation and should be directed.
    Soegeng hopes on West Java for intense communication as a follow-up of such cooperation.
    "So not only once but how do we learn so many opportunities and benefit can be obtained with the maximum. I agree with the governor the most important thing to provide follow-up with a team between two sides To see what things can be done equally That quickly with West Java and China so that the direction of cooperation in the future can be directed, "he said.
    West Java Halal Products

    Furthermore Soegeng Rahardjo suggested West Java to market superior halal products to Sichuan. Because there is a Muslim area that can be a market share of halal products from West Java. This is an attempt to sister provincial relations between West Java and Sichuan stronger.

    Admittedly, East Java has started marketing their products in Tianjin. if West Java interested, it can offer superior products in Chengdu.

    "If you want to go to Chengdu as well, why would I bring it to Sichuan, because there is a Muslim area all on the border, while the province wants to be targeted by West Java, a West Java product that is halal Food is great potential and has not been worked out, "he said.

    Admittedly him, the movement was already done by Malaysia. But West Java is not too late because market share is still open.

    "In the future, it could be held every two years, a year here, a year in West Java with exhibitions, maybe this can be explored, I see East Java is aggressive in Tianjin," he added.

    He added, in Guangxi too, Bali is already doing the same thing.

    "I think what west Java is doing now, need to make a team what we need, what we are doing, we learn, there are many opportunities there, and if it is done, West Java will have many advantages," he said.

    In addition, West Java will independently develop its industry forward.

    Soegeng also gave advice related to West Java agriculture especially in developing organic crops because in the long run, the problem of body intake will be interesting.

    "Do not just pursue one production but do not know the impact, such as GMO, the engineered seeds have an impact," he said.

    The second about salted fish, currently in Indonesia is still traditional while in China has become a company, and the packaging is modern

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