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    In Harbin, West Java Has Completed The Signing MoU With Four Provinces of China


    HARBIN-The West Java Provincial Government has completed the signing of a joint MOU sister province agreement in four provinces in China after officially establishing a sister province with Heilongjiang Province at the Garden Hamlet Hotel in Harbin on Wednesday (10/05/2017) evening local time. Previously West Java has successively signed three sister provincial MoU with Ghuangxi Zhuang, Chongqing and Sichuan.

    Present Governor Heilongjiang Lu Hao with his representative, Li Haitao at the signing ceremony along with his ranks. Meanwhile, as the previous signing, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) was accompanied by his wife, Netty Heryawan, Head of Cooperation Facilitation Center Ministry of Internal Affairs Nelson Simanjuntak, Head of Government and Cooperation Bureau Taufiq Budi Santoso, Head of Investment and One Stop Integrated Service Department Dadang Mohamad Ma'soem, West Java Head of Transportation Department Dedi Taufik, Vice Chairman of West Java Regional People's Representative Assembly Abdul Harris Bobihoe and Director of BJB Ahmad Irfan.

    In his speech, Aher said, his presence in Heilongjiang is the second time after 2010 Aher had visited the province with the capital of Harbin in relation to establish the stages of Sister Province cooperation.

    "As our president Joko Widodo emphasized that overseas cooperation should be enhanced especially with China," he said, adding that the cooperation that has occurred in the past year has increased both trade, economic and cultural cooperation.

    This year, trade between Indonesia and China increased to 63 percent. Even in West Java, Chinese investment rose to third after being ranked ninth. Even the largest tourists of Indonesia come from China.

    "At the same time, West Java and Heilongjiang have the same thing that is the biggest food producer, and the two provinces are agriculture and fishermen. We are grateful in March 2010 then we have LoI (lettre of intent) to become sister province. We agreed cooperation for agriculture sector , trade, tourism, education, culture and science and technology, "he explained.

    Through this agreement, Aher said, it would be the legal umbrella as well as the possibility of developing in other fields.

    "I will then propose the follow-up of this cooperation with a team from both sides to formulate more concrete and participative cooperation in government, economy, business for more details.It is hoped that cooperation will encourage the two provinces to progress more together, Together and prospering both communities, "he said.

    Lu Hao said his side agreed with Aher's proposal to improve bilateral relations should create peace for the communities of the two provinces.

    "I agree that later after the signing of sister province we will send staff to West Java as well as West Java instead send the staff to a team to follow-up practical cooperation. We will look for their respective advantages to be in cooperation," he said.

    Recognized Lu Hao, his side wants to know more information about West Java to be the right project for cooperation.

    Furthermore, Lu Hao also said, at the last meeting in 2010 West Java received by former governor before. So far, the relationship between China and Indonesia has developed well. Moreover, the two presidents have met and talked that the development of both countries must develop well.

    "So between the provincial government has been preceded by the leadership by both countries, through sister province we will make a better cooperation relationship," he said.

    According to him, the capital of West Java, Bandung is famous in China. He believes his community is keen to visit there. Then, his side also eager to work together in agriculture and trade as well.

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