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    Encourage Tourism Development, Keraton Need to Synergy With Various Parties


    BANDUNG-The existence of Keraton or Palace in the archipelago is currently considered important in maintaining the treasures and cultural values of each region. Not only that, its existence is also expected to encourage the development of art and cultural tourism because it has high economic value.

    For that, the palace in the archipelago needs to synergize with the Regional Government where the palace is located and with the central government and other parties. Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) revealed it when opening the Supreme Deliberation of the Royal Palace of the Year 3 2017 at Grand Preanger Hotel, Asia-Africa Street City of Bandung, on Friday (5/12/2017).

    "Partnership with Local Government should be better. Tourism in the current era of creative economy is needed, because the cultural industry that becomes the spirit of tourism is not only nature, "said Demiz after the opening ceremony of the Supreme Deliberation.

    "Well, the function of the palace was very important now. Because this tends to be the highest foreign exchange earner in Indonesia, when oil and gas, oil palm, and coal tends to decline, "he added.

    Further Demiz, the existence of the palace is very strategic and potential. It can encourage the economic growth of people through art and cultural tourism. Moreover, Indonesia has many palaces that still exist with their own trademarks. According to Demiz, the existence of the palace is a wealth of archipelago that must be developed and provide benefits for the welfare of the community.

    "So I hope formulated in this Supreme Deliberation, where to go the existence of this palace. What kind of program and partnership should be woven with various parties, "Demiz demanded.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Forum of the Silaturahmi Keraton se-Nusantara (FSKN) who is also Sultan Keraton Kasepuhan Kacirebonan PRA Arif Natadiningrat in his opening remarks admitted that not all palace in Indonesia have good synergy with Local Government. According to Arif this depends on the political situation and democracy in the region.

    "But hopefully in West Java although later changed politics, the leader, but we can still continue to partner between the palace with Local Government," said Arif.

    This deliberation was initiated by FSKN. There were around 250 deliberation participants consisting of Sultan and King from Sumatra to Papua, as well as observers. The main agenda of this deliberation is the selection of new management of FSKN and the preparation of work program.

    Previously, this Supreme Deliberation begins with Cultural Seminar on Thursday (5/11/2017) yesterday. In addition, Saturday (13/05/2017) tomorrow will also be held Carnival or Culture Parade along Asia-Afrika Street Bandung. This carnival is not only followed by participants from keraton or palace that exist in Indonesia, but also keraton or palace of several countries of Asean, Asia, and Africa.

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