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    Citarum is Still Heavily Polluted


    BANDUNG REGENCY-The water quality of the Citarum river is still categorized as 'heavily polluted'. It revealed by Head of Conservation and Environmental Damage Control Bandung Regency Department of Environment Windia Wardani in an environmental discussion in Bandung regency.

    "Based on recent recent checks at nearly 10 points of the Citarum River, the category is still heavily polluted," he said.

    According to Windia, from that category the core of Citarum water quality has not shown improvement in terms of quality.

    "With the various efforts that we have done, it is admitted there has been no significant change in the quality of Citarum river water, therefore we still continue to work" he explained.

    With heavily polluted quality category, it means that the water of the citarum river if it will be used for drinking water raw materials needs to be done a comprehensive treatmen. (Even)

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