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    Case of Worms in Cianjur, This is the word of Vice Governor Demiz


    CIANJUR REGENCY-Vice Governor Deddy Mizwar (Demiz) visited Didin (40) a resident of Rarahan Village, Cianjur District in Mapolres Cianjur, KH. R. Abdullah Bin Nuh Street, Nagrak, Cianjur Sub-district, Cianjur Regency, on Thursday (11/5/17). Didin is a prisoner of Forest Police (Polhut) of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGGP) Cianjur for stealing worms in TNNGP area.

    When meeting with Demiz, Didin admits he took the Sonari Worm for sale. There are parties who order the worm to him for the purposes of treatment of Typus disease. There are 77 worms that Didin taken from 400 ordered.

    Didin admitted he sold the worm Rp 40,000 per head. The TNNGP did prevent citizens from taking worms there, but Didin admitted he did not know about the ban.

    Demiz also admitted concerned about the incident. Moreover, Didin is languishing in detention of Mapolres Cianjur more than 40 days. According to Demiz this case depends on the Perhutani (TNNGP). If TNNGP revokes this case then Didin case will be completed. Currently the case has been delegated to the Cianjur District Attorney through the Public Prosecutor (JPU).

    "I think this should be a lesson for the community, that the Perhutani area has managers. So whatever is there should be permitted by the manager of Perhutani itself. Do not let the people like it there, do not let there is a land conversion function, trees felled. Even now worms are guarded and trees, "said Demiz after meeting Didin.

    Demiz expects TNNGP to process Didin's case not by punishing people. However, the public should also take lessons from this case, because there are various types of protected flora and fauna. Especially if the habitat is in the conservation area.

    "Hopefully soon be done, and Mr. Didin is also healthy. And I hope Perhutani can revoke the case, but there is also a deterrent effect for the community. Because (Didin) has been 40 days (detained). 77 worms enter (prison) for 40 days, "said Demiz.

    "But this is still being processed, depending on the prosecutor later. I think this is already handled by the public prosecutor, if you want to contact Perhutani with the public prosecutor. I hope Perhutani can be more wise to see it. And for people, it is important that can be a lesson, "he concluded.

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